Salento, Colombia : hiking the Cocora valley

Hiking the Cocora Valley, Salento, Colombia
Here we are in Salento, our last stop in our Colombia trip. Salento is a tiny village, nestled among green, blooming mountains in the middle of the coffee triangle, the main region producing coffee in Colombia. We hesitated to add this last stop to our trip as we could only have one and a half day there, but I heard so many beautiful things about this region & I really wanted to visit the Cocora valley &
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Home office inspiration

Last year we had the chance to buy the apartment next to our, we’re now doing some renovation works & soon we will be able to break the wall to connect the 2 apartments! :)) Although at the beginning we’re going to annex just one more room and rent the rest of the place, I’m so excited to have some more space! The idea is to turn the new room into a guest-room/walk-in closet/&, above al
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Cartagena, Colombia: Rosario islands, Playa Blanca & Getsemani

Getsemani, Cartagena
We begun our second day in Cartagena by exploring Getsemani, the neighborhood our hotel was in. As I mentioned before, we found Getsemani much more alive & authentic than the city centre. Of course, Gestamni is less renovated, some buildings are old and crumbling, the streets are less clean… But it looked more real. We marveled at the cute colorful houses & watched people starting their days…
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Cartagena, Colombia: wandering the old city

Cartagena, Colombia
After a quite long bus ride from Minca, we arrived in Cartagena early afternoon. We heard so many beautiful things about this colorful, colonial city, that we were impatient to discover more with our own eyes. Ignoring the tempting – in the overwhelming heat – hotel’s swimming pool, we made a beeline to the historical old town. The old town is surrounded by the city wall & the main entrance
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Christmas waltz

Hi blog! 🙂 I hope you all had a very merry Christmas!! We had a really happy Christmas in Italy with all my family & my in-law family, it was truly beautiful to be all together! 🙂 Now we’re back in Paris, but we’re going away again for NYE – to the Grenadines islands!!!! – so it’s ok 😉 I’d like to wish you all a merry Christmas & best wishes with this Christmas
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