From Melbourne to Paris : the Hardware Société

The Hardware Société a coffee shop in Paris and Melbourne
When a Melbourne coffee shop opens a 2nd boutique in Paris, just 3 minutes from my place I think that: 1-      It’s a sign!!! (it’s no secret I’d like to move to Australia) 2-      I can’t wait to give it a try! 3-      I found the place for your brunch next week-end, no matter if you’re in Paris or in Melbourne! Welcome to the Hardware Société, a cute, yummy coffee shops on the hills of
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Anne-Sophie PIC, le Restaurant, Valence

Birthday dinner chez Anne-Sophie Pic restaurant, Valence
Hubby turned 30 last week! To celebrate this milestone, we went to visit his family in Grenoble, before throwing a big party in Paris with all our friends next month! We had a cozy week-end surrounded by all the grand-parents & on Saturday night my in-laws treated us to a fairly exceptional dinner experience! We went to Anne-Sophie Pic restaurant, a 3 star Michelin restaurant, in Valence. It was just wonderful
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Salento, Colombia : The Plantation House coffee farm

Making our own coffee at the Plantation House in Salento, Colombia
& eventually our last day in Colombia sadly came. Willing to make the most of it, we woke up at sunrise & started the day with a good breakfast on the balcony of our guesthouse. We walked on the still empty & quite streets… Meeting some locals enjoying the morning sun on the way… To our destination, The Plantation House. As I told you before, The Plantation House is a coffee farm &
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A night out in Salento, Colombia

Salento main square, Colombia
After a lovely day spent hiking the amazing Cocora Valley, we came back in Salento just before sunset. Jeeps left us the same place where we took them: Plaza Bolivar, the town’s main square, that was now full of life & covered in golden light! No need to say, the first thing we did as we jumped out the jeep, was to have another delicious fresh fruit juice at one of the stalls in the square – ho
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Salento, Colombia : hiking the Cocora valley

Hiking the Cocora Valley, Salento, Colombia
Here we are in Salento, our last stop in our Colombia trip. Salento is a tiny village, nestled among green, blooming mountains in the middle of the coffee triangle, the main region producing coffee in Colombia. We hesitated to add this last stop to our trip as we could only have one and a half day there, but I heard so many beautiful things about this region & I really wanted to visit the Cocora valley &
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