Acting update

Hello guys,

thought it was time to give you a little update about my acting situation.

It sucks.

All is said.
I couldn’t have said it in a better or easier way.
it’s always difficult but in this period it’s worse.
I had 2
theatre plays that were supposed to start this year. For the first one, we
don’t have a theater.
second one “Le casting des anges” is already performing since last year. The writer and director  of it, André Castillo, hired other actresses, including me, to form a second and a third cast, so that the play
could be performed at the same time in and outside Paris.
I started
the rehearsals in November and I was supposed to be on stage end
December/early January.
I was
happy, the show is nothing exceptional, but it was very fun to play, we were
supposed to play several times per week, meaning I would have been visible, and
perhaps also made some money.
So I
learned like 40 pages of an extremely reach text, worked on the character… 
And then
André decided to suspend our rehearsals for a couple of weeks at the beginning of December. We were supposed to restart at the beginning of January. But then agian, André s
ent us – me and another actress – an e-mail to postpone the rehearsals
to January the 18
And after
that, I had no more news.
honestly a pity how people in the business dare to treat actors…
I obviously tried to reach the director, if we can call him this way, but he’s not answering my mails nor is he
returning my calls…
Anyway, I
guess my adventure with “Le casting des anges” is over before it even

I think
that André hired too many new actresses and he’s actually not having all the 
proposals from theaters outside Paris he thought he would have. So actually he doesn’t need us anymore… But still, he could at least have the decency to say it…
I mean, we were working for him, for free moreover! We believed in his play…

Anyway that’s it on the theatre side.

And on the cinema/tv one is dead calm!
Though I’m answering everyday to all the casting calls I see…

Sometimes I’m tired of fighting so much for nothing…

Anyway, let’s cross the fingers for better times to come – I miss being on stage!! 😉

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