6 things that made me happy last week

– To be call back for a very important project and to meet with a very talented director! I won’t say his name for good luck, I’m just saying he’s an Oscar winner!!!

– To have dinner at home with some friends – honestly I like to prepare a nice dinner at home rather than always go to the restaurant, don’t you?

– To finish and to send our wedding invitations. We had some diy to do and it took us the whole week-end, but on Sunday evening we very really happy with the result and it was really nice to actually hand-made something together with my future hubby! 😉

– To have time during my audition day in Rome, to see my sister and nephews.

– To have my boyfriend picking me up at the airport!

– To go the doctor to check on my knees that cause me huge pain and knowing that it’s nothing serious, no operation is needed (on the other side there’s nothing much that I can do for the pain, but at least I can keep on dancing!)

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