New year – new play !


So to well start 2016, I’ve been chosen for a new play! 🙂
It’s an interesting and slightly different than usual project : “Le Gazouillis des oiseaux” is a play written by Dinu Grigorescu, an Ukrainian playwright, well-known in his country.
This is the play with which he made his debut in theatres in 1978, but the subject is still quite modern. 
The first time the play was staged in 1978, some of the best Ukrainian actors took part in the project and it was a big success… so let’s hope to keep up with it! 😉
And now Christine Romero, a French director, decided to adapt the play in France and this is the first time the text is translated and played in another country.
More info about the project here.
There are 6 other actors in addition to me, we met for the first time last Sunday and everyone seems nice 🙂 We also had a first reading on Sunday and it was a good job. 
I’m happy to be back at work and can’t wait to be on stage again ! (though it won’t be until October or something like that).

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