Today we watch : Allied

Allied (Alliés) movie poster
Allied” a good, beautiful, old-style movie that recalls the old Hollywood films from the ’50. The kind of movie they don’t produce very often anymore. Everything is in there: secret intelligence, love story, a tricking plot, glamour & elegance…
& in addition to all that, Brad Pitt, class ’63, is cooler than when he was 30! How is this even possible??
Allied (Alliés) photo of Brad Pitt and Marion Cotillard
Even though it’s the story of 2 spies during world war 2, don’t expect a big, action movie: there are not many spectacular action scenes, the film is quite long indeed, especially the first part. But the plot is interesting & unexpected. Plus, photography & images are very beautiful.
& I won’t say anything… but the end… ?
I really had a good time watching “Allied”, so if you don’t know what to do this upcoming weekend, may I suggest a theater night? 😉
Hubby & I watched it last weekend. It was a while since last time we went to the cinema, I cannot even remember the last movie we saw… I missed it. I like it so much to seat in the velvet chair, waiting in the warm, dark room to be taken faraway by the story…
Anyway, we were supposed to have a proper date night: movie & dinner. Except that hubby ate too much popcorn while watching the movie, that by the end of it, he wasn’t hungry anymore… So we just went back home & shared a frozen pizza & watched the end of “Dance avec les stars” (Dancing with stars) ahah. Well, as long as we’re together, everything’s perfect anyway ?
Hubbey and wifey

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