4 books by 4 inspiring, strong women every girl should read

I was chatting with a friend of mine the other day & she asked me if I read something interesting lately & had some book to suggest her.

I begun to talk so passionately about my last readings & I didn’t realize until then that, totally randomly, all the latest books I read were biography of utterly amazing women, that inspired me so much!

All in a different way, these women are strong & go after their dreams, their ideals, living their life at the fullest, with no fear – or at least not letting fear or social conventions to stop them.

Reading the stories of these women, really moved me & I’ve decided that in 2017 I’m gonna always say yes to life, even though I’m afraid sometimes & I’m gonna pursue my goals, no matter what other people say.

But these books are not only inspiring, they’re at the same time so interesting as they also let you know about different cultures, countries…

If you too, need some very good reading, here’s what I’m talking about :

  • “The woman I wanted to be” by Diane von Furstenberg

"The woman I wanted to be" an inspiring book by Diane von Furstenberg

Do I really need to present Diane von Furstenberg or her famous wrap dress? But what’s the story behind this fashion empire? & who really is the woman who created it?

The book will answers these questions & will make you discover an amazing passionate woman with an incredible destiny. She first became a princess, she created a business from scratch, she lost her business but she regained it & in the meantime she led – & seems to still be leading – her life with passion doing what she wanted to do, traveling, exploring the world, being open to people… At the same time, she also looks like such a lovely & nice woman.

What I found really inspiring is also that she shows one is never too old to start new projects, create something new, travel, fall in love & live the wanted life.

Oh I’d like so much to meet her, she seems so wise… Well even if we can’t have a tea & a chat with Diane von Furstenberg, reading the book was somehow like meeting her!

You can get the Kindle book here & the paper book here.

If you’re in France, here the kindle edition & the paper edition.

  • “The Princess trilogy” by Jean Sasson

"The Princess trilogy" books by Jean Sasson

A princess from the royal Saudi family asked American writer Jean Sasson to write her story. The result is a passionating trilogy telling the story of Princess Sultana (this is obviously a fake name as the Princess risks death for telling the world how life really is in Saudi Arabia), her daughters & more in general women in Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia is still an unknown country & women have no rights there.

Whereas everyone knows that women have no rights in Saudi Arabia, I’m not sure everyone know what it really means. The book can be quite difficult to read if you’re a sensitive person as the facts described are so cruel. But they’re also true & this is part of the world we live in, so we cannot close our eyes & doing as if it doesn’t concern us. To lift the veil over the faith of women in Arabian countries is a first step to help them.

Also “The Princess trilogy” is not only about inhumanity, it also shows that the younger generation in Saudi Arabia is different, that maybe it will take time, but there is hope, that things are slowly changing. Even in the Royal family, they start thinking differently. The books allows you to discover a country & a culture quite unknown & often misunderstood.

& last but not least, you’ll discover Princess Sultana, this incredible woman operating for unprivileged women in Saudi Arabia & in the neighboring countries. She risks her life everyday to report to the world the situation of women in Saudi Arabia, she uses her fortune to save abused women & children & she never stops, no matter the dangers.

She could have settled down as most of Arabian Princesses do & enjoy the money, the jewelry, the privileges… But she decided to fight instead to try to make the world a better place. And we all could, in our small way, make this world a fairer place.

You can get the Kindle book here or the paper book here.

If you’re in France, you can find Jean Sasson books here.

A new book complete the trilogy: “Princess more tears to cry”. Written in 2016 it gives you an update about life in Saudi Arabia & Princess Sultana’s work for women.

You can get the Kindle book here & the paper edition here.

If you’re in France, you can find Jean Sasson books here.

  • “Yesterday, today, tomorrow” by Sophia Loren

Sophia Loren and Marcello Mastroianni in "Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow"

The autobiography of the most famous Italian actress. Sophia Loren tells her story with an incredible honesty. As we could think that being such a star, she should have the perfect life, she shows the ups but also the downs of her existence. She’s true & she’s funny, she doesn’t take herself so seriously… & she’s Sophia Loren!! I mean, she’s probably the biggest Italian star!

Her book is so refreshing to read. She is so simple despite her incredible destiny. And although, she’s probably also been lucky, she also shows how one needs to work very, very hard to reach the top. And that hard work pays off. It’s good to remember that, as today it seems that everything is easy & instead of hard work one needs to go in a reality show to succeed…

You’ll also discover a slice of life during & after WWII in south of Italy, that is very interesting, & a slice of life at the gold age of Cinecittà! Even if you’re not in the movie business, to see the behind the scenes of Cinecittà & Hollywood is quite fun!

You can get the Kindle book here & the paper book here.

If you’re in France, here the kindle edition & the paper edition.

  • “Life in motion: an unlikely ballerina” by Misty Copeland

ABT principal dancer Misty Copeland in "Coppelia"

Misty Copeland is the first African American female principal dancer within the American Ballet Theatre company.

She really wasn’t meant to become a classical dancer: she discovered ballet very late – 13 years old – by chance, she came from a family with no classical references & with no money to make little Misty study ballet, a quite expensive activity.

But she was incredibly, naturally talented & with the help of the ballet teacher of firstly discovered her, she could catch up with the other ballerinas, she earned scholarships, she won contests… & she arrived to ABT!

Even once she entered ABT, her life hasn’t been easy as she had to fought much more than a white ballerina to be recognized & finally become first a soloist & then a principal. Once more, hard work & constancy pay off!

Even if you’re not into ballet world, you’ll love this book as it’s more about the incredible destiny of a little girl & her amazing story!

& well, if by chance you love ballet, well you’ll love the book even more!!

Now I really wanna see Misty Copeland performing! I’m hoping so much she’ll come in Paris!! Otherwise I’ll have to go to NY to see her dancing! 😉

You can get the Kindle book here & the paper edition here.

If you’re in France, here the kindle edition & the paper edition.

Hope you’ll love these books at least as much as I loved them & you’ll be inspired too!

& don’t forget to let me know what you think about them! <3

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  1. I have never read many biographies but I would love to read about Sophia Loren, such a timeless and classy lady. And the Princess trilogy sounds fantasic! Thanks for the info!!

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