Boat day around Paris

View from the Seine of Corbeil Essonnes

My passion about the ocean & all things sea-related – surf, sailing, snorkeling,… – is no secret.

Luckily hubby has the same passion, or he probably got infected by me… Anyway, this winter we decided to get our boating license.

I don’t know if it’s everywhere the same, but here in France there are several boating licenses. We first got the “coastal” license, that allows to go as far as 6 nautical miles from a shelter.

We planned then to take the “no-limits” (sorry don’t know how to call it in English ;p) boating license, that allows to navigate with no restrictions.

You know, I have this daydream about sailing the world with hubby & our future kids & be able to rent a boat without needing a skipper on board…

Anyway, in February we obtained our “coastal” boating license.

Obtaining our boating license in Paris, we trained on the Seine in front of the Eiffel Tower

In front of the Eiffel Tower ahah! If this isn’t classy… 😉

Our instructor suggested to take the river boating license, as we would have enjoy it more living in Paris, as we would then be able to rent a boat in Paris & sailing around.

I don’t know why we didn’t think about it ourselves?!

Anyway, 2 weeks ago we obtained our river boating license and last Sunday we had our first boat day near Paris!! So fun!

I found a boat to rent near Paris through Click & Boat, an app to rent boats between private persons.

We embarked some friends – plus Nino, the dog we were dog-sitting – & off we sailed!

A day spent boating around on the Seine river near Paris

A dog on the boat on the Seine

We were so keen to enjoy our first boat day, that we didn’t mind the weather wasn’t perfect…

So at a certain point, we found ourselves under a heavy rain 😉

A day spent boating around on the Seine river near Paris

But more is needed to take our good mood away! 🙂 Especially since after half an hour, a bright sun came out!

We wandered around the Seine river, admiring the surroundings,

A day spent boating around on the Seine river near Paris

A day spent boating around on the Seine river near Paris

looking four our dreamy house,

View from the Seine of Corbeil Essonnes

View from the Seine of Corbeil Essonnes

laughing & chatting!

A day spent boating around on the Seine river near Paris

Honestly there are so many amazing places around Paris. Who would have imagined living in Paris & renting a boat, sailing around in such a beautiful surround!

We passed without any problems the locks – we were a bit worried about it 😉

And we randomly found the perfect spot for a picnic.

Picnic on the Seine banks

Picnic on the Seine banks

We enjoyed the sun, laying on the grass,

Little doberman

before taking the water again 😉

A day spent boating around on the Seine river near Paris

On a boat with a puppy dog, happiness

^couldn’t be happier! 😀

We arrived back at the port, just in time to admire a glorious sunset on the river!

Sunset on the Seine

Just the perfect way to end another perfect day!

Can’t wait for more boat days to come!!

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    1. Oh yes you should follow his dream of sailing around the world and definitely make a stop in France! And of course, share pictures & everything so that we can follow around!! ;))

  1. Paris just got more romantic! I didn’t even know this was a thing people could do. This is exactly how I imagine a Sunday afternoon in and near Paris. Will have to look into getting my boating license.

    1. I didn’t know neither until 2 months ago that one could rent a boat in or near Paris! We already planned another boat day for the next week-end we stay in Paris! You should definitely get your boating license, it’s so nice to be able to sail around! Are there places where you can go by boat where you live?

    1. Indeed it’s very interesting to see paris from the water it looks like a different place! And being able to explore the countryside by boat it’s awsome!! 🙂

  2. I think your dream to go boating around the world is awesome! I also think that the app which allows you to borrow/rent boats from private individuals is a novel idea. It would make the whole experience that much easier than trying to go through a company! I’m glad that the weather cleared out for you. Sounds like an awesome way to experience Paris!

    1. Hi Rachelle, hope one day I’ll be able to make this dream come true. In the meantime, I’m glad I now can explore around Paris by boat, it’s so much fun!! 🙂
      And the app makes everything so much easier!

  3. We were just in Paris last month and it never occurred to me to rent a boat!?! Now I’m kicking myself! Hoping to head back in a few years when my kids are older and I definitely want to rent a boat and navigate around! What a memorable experience!

    1. ahah next time you’ll be in Paris, you’ll visit by boat then! It’s so nice! 🙂 But I live here, and It didn’t occurred to me neither until our boating license teacher told us.. 😉

  4. What a fabulous time that would have been! Having the freedom and ability to travel by boat through such lovely scenery at your own pace. I would love to do this although I don’t have a boat license (would need to look into whether there is an international equivalent for tourists). It looks like so much fun – even the dog looks like he really enjoyed it!

    1. hi Nicole 🙂 it was really a lovely day indeed! Luckily summer time is here so we’ll be able to do that again soon! If you love being on a boat, you should consider taking your boating license, it’s not that difficult & it’s so fun! 🙂

  5. It looks like you, your husband and your friends had a fantastic day boating around Paris! Your dog, that house and your picnic were all too cute! And I wouldn’t have even thought about the locks, but I’m glad that you didn’t have any trouble with them! How long did it take to get your boating license?

    1. Hi Deni, yes we had an amazing day! and luckily is not difficult to pass the locks! As for the boating license, it took us around 2 months for the “coastal” one for the sea – we had 3 classes & then some time to study for the exam plus 2 practical lessons, once we passed the exam about the code. Plus maybe a month for the river license. For the river license we took no classes, we studied the code on our own, we studied for about a month to be sure to get it. Since we already had the sea boat license, for the river one, we only had to pass the code. No need to take practice classes again. Are you thinking of getting the boating license as well?

  6. I didn’t know you could rent a boat and drive on your own in Paris and even more so, obtain a boating license. What a cool and unique way of enjoying Paris! Thanks for sharing!

    1. yeah I didn’t know neither. But then it’s a river and if you have a boating license, it seems pretty obvious eheh. Seeing the city from the river is really unique!

  7. Visiting Pairs is my dream and I never knew there is also a boat ride where you can see the Paris Tower. I loved your pictures , it looks like you had an amazing day .

    1. Oh if you visit Paris, even though you don’t have a boating license and so you can’t rent a boat, you can take the “bateau mouche”, that takes you around Paris to see the main monuments from the river, it’s really lovely! Hope you’ll be able to visit Paris soon! 🙂

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