A day at the Futuroscope

Coming back from our weekend to the Loire castles, we saw on the highway several billboards advertising the Futuroscope, a French amusement park. I had never been there & Mick just once when he was a child, so we thought it could be fun to spend a day there with some friends!

With the most perfect timing, the morning after, while checking my e-mails, I saw an offer for the park on a private sales website: the perfect excuse for not postponing our visit to the Futuroscope any further!

Moreover, a friend of ours has a family house not so far away from the Futuroscope, so we eventually decided for a whole week-end in the countryside!

We arrived on a Friday evening & enjoyed a yummy & fun family dinner.

On Saturday morning, we woke up excited like kids for the day ahead!

We spent the whole day at the Futuroscope, feeling back to childhood! 😉

The Futuroscope doesn’t have big roller-coasters or adrenaline rides like Disneyland for instance, it’s more about simulators & 3d movies.

We had a really fun day there & I can’t recommend it enough! With or without kids 😉

In one day, it’s impossible to do all the attractions, but you can do the main ones and skip some shows or movies & the rides for the little ones.

What we preferred :

  • The Extraordinary Journey : a ride where you really feel like flying as you’re up in the air, with your feet not touching the floor while  you fly over several places all around the world. We loved it so much, we did it twice!
    Little tip : try to get a seat in the highest row 😉
  • Dances with the robots : that’s the only adrenaline ride at the Futursocope. There are giants robots and you seat in their hands. While they dance to the sound of Martin Solveig songs, you turn upside down in all directions! Truth to be said, at the beginning I was scared & hubby had to persuade me to go up the ride… But eventually I ended up doing the ride twice! 😉
    For the record, if you go there with kids, you can chose the intensity of the ride – from 1 to 3 – so it doesn’t have to be necessarily scary. 😉

  • Journey into the dark : you’ll travel the world as a blind person with the help of a blind guide. You’ll pass through a forest, a city & you’ll climb the Himalaya. What was quite scary was passing through Times square being blind… In the dark all the sounds & obstacles seems so  threatening. & the smell of pollution felt so strong! All of your senses are more alerted in the dark.
    At the certain point a guy in the group lighted up his phone. We all protested & our guide asked what was going on, revealing that he wasn’t seeing neither shadows & lights, but he was living in complete darkness. Of course I knew he was blind, but this episode affected me anyway.
    You have to pay an extra charge of 5€ per person for this experience, but it really worth it. Plus your payement goes to an association supporting blind people.
  • Arthur the 4D adventure : A very realistic simulator. We did it twice too!
    Try to seat on the first row for this one!

As for the movies, what we really liked was :

  • The Explorarium : The one where you go deep down the ocean. We saw so many colorful fishes, huge sharks & little creatures living on the corals.
  • Tiny Giants : An Imax movie in which you follow 2 little animals in their everyday life. The technology is really impressive, all the details are amazing! Plus it’s the biggest screen in Europe, tall like a 7 floors building!

We also did all the other simulators, but these one were the best!

What we dislike the most :

  • Aerobar : having a drink at the bar up in the air. Honestly, seeing it from the ground it looks like fun, but once you’re up there it’s super scary : you don’t feel really secured to the chair, the table is faraway from you, so you’re really feel suspended into the emptiness. It was really unpleasant.

You can buy a pass to skip the queue in the 5 most famous attractions. The number of pass is limited so you’d better go to the shop first thing in the morning if you want one (it’s kind of expensive though – 20 €). But we appreciated not having to queue for one hour…

We wandered among the futurist architecture, before taking the road back.

It really was a wonderful day.

We came back home happy & pretty exhausted, we could only have dinner before falling asleep with big smiles on our faces!

Sunday, on the opposite, was a very relaxing day!

We slept in, begun the day with some workout in the garden, had a long, lazy lunch…

Lunch in the sun in the countryside

& spent the afternoon in one of the nicest spot ever. Look for yourself! 🙂

Cute caban on the lake in Saint Sulpice Les Feuilles, Limousin, France

While the guys fished,

Fishing in the lake in Saint Sulpice Les Feuilles, Limousin, France

we enjoyed the sun, laying in the grass & chatting around.

Relaxing in the sun in the countryside

Fishing spot in Saint Sulpice Les Feuilles, Limousin, France

What’s more relaxing than being in such a place?! 🙂

Lake in Saint Sulpice Les Feuilles, Limousin, France

Sadly, all good things have an end & in the night we came back to Paris.

But not before having picked up some beautiful flowers to bring some of the countryside back home with us!

Picking fresh flowers in the countryside

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  1. It looks super cool! Love the architecture. I would buy a pass to skip the queue too! I hate standing in lines haha. Great article and photos :).

  2. What an interesting amusement park. Roller coaster rides are huge here in the US, so it is odd to think that there are none there. I think my kids would like all of the characters around the park that they would recognize from the TV shows & movies they watch.

    1. It’s a bit odd not having roller-coasters indeed! But it’s a park that it’s most known for “scientific” stuff, so I guess no one expects big rides when going there. Plus it’s different from all the other parks! 😉

  3. Oh this is so unique concept and never heard this before. Futurscope really looks like as if we entered year 2020. I want to explore Explanorium. Different shapes of building with geometrical patterns looks like a hifi science project lab.

  4. What a beautiful place to relax after the amusement park! I think you’re right – being suspended high up in the air for a drink and not feeling secure would be scary. But in the end, aren’t you glad that you tried it? Now you know you don’t need to do it ever again, right?

  5. The 1st pic itself is very convincing! Indeed a very futuristic architecture! The Extraordinary Ride and the Journey in the Dark sound so awesome! I can’t imagine how it would be to feel blind and to climb Himalayas!

  6. Futuroscope looks like a fun day out. What looks most interesting to me are the dances with robots, I would love to try that, it does look quite scary! Journey into the dark would be difficult, it would show how difficult it really is being blind. You got some wonderful images of your day out!

    1. ah dances with robots was really fun indeed!! Would love to go back right now 😉
      And yes Journey in the dark was kinda difficult, but also really interesting!

  7. I have never heard of Futuroscope before. This looks like a fun adventure park. Journey in the dark seems like an interesting experience definitely an eye opener too of what it is like to be blind in a busy city like New York. Areobar does not seem like an enjoyable experience. I have a fear of heights and so would not be relaxed at all!

    1. Ah if you’re scared of heights you should definitely not climb the Areobar!! But it was an experience after all! And yes, Journey in the dark was really interesting & different.

  8. This is amazing! It’s my first time to hear of Futuroscope. I’m not a big fan of rollercoasters and adrenaline rides but I do LOVE simulators and 3D movies! 🙂 If only this is easily accessible to me, I would go here next weekend. So much fun!!

  9. Futuroscope looks like a very exciting theme park! I would love to watch the Tiny Giants. Your description is quite interesting. The Journey into the Dark is great for social awareness. I am eager to experience going to this place too.

    1. Oh yes the tiny giants was incredible! :)) and the journey in the dark very interesting! But I think there are similar experiences in other places as well!

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