Wandering Marseille

The sky is so grey & rainy here in Paris at the moment. It almost feels like summer is already over 🙁

So I thought it was the perfect time to go through all the blue sky pictures from our visit to Marseille a couple of weeks ago.

Although actually to see such a blue sky made me feel even more upset as I miss summer even more now ahah! 😉

Anyway we arrived in Marseille on a sunny Saturday,

Arriving in Marseille, France

left our bags at the hotel & headed straight to the Vieux Port for a late lunch.

The Vieux Port is super pretty. People told me it was very touristic & it wasn’t the “real city”, but I really liked it.

There’s a relaxing atmosphere, a beautiful view & plenty of cafés & restaurants to enjoy an al fresco meal!

After some seafood, we wandered around,

admiring the boats,

Taking a stroll through the Vieux Port in Marseille

the big wheel,

& the seagulls,

’til the end of the harbour, where there’s an old fort.

Taking a stroll through the Vieux Port in Marseille

The fort in the Vieux Port, Marseille

Taking a stroll through the Vieux Port in Marseille

We had the most enormous ice-cream ever – actually almost too enormous!

That we ate in front of the most gorgeous view!

Taking a stroll through the Vieux Port in Marseille

Taking a stroll through the Vieux Port in Marseille

As all the tourists, we snapped a quick photo at the upside-down mirror,

& continued our way to Les Terasses du Port, a new shopping mall, from the top of which you have an amazing view!

There are also several cafés on the top terrace.

But let’s be honest, we came there for the boutiques, as hubby offered me a beach bag for our 2 years anniversary, but he preferred to choose the bag together with me. Such a wise guy! 😉

I picked up a wonderful basket from Amenapih.

Amenapih beach basket Rita Pink

& also, while wandering around we saw a beautiful light pink bag from Karl Lagerfeld, perfect for summer in the city… so I eventually had a double anniversary gift! 🙂

Pink bag from Karl Lagerfeld

We had a long stroll to come back to our hotel, where we enjoyed a pastis – a local liquor – aperitivo, before…

Pastis aperitif in Marseille

… falling asleep!

Honestly, we were so tired we couldn’t go out anymore, so we went to bed without supper! 😉

So the next morning we were feeling super good & ready to explore more of Marseille! 🙂

Here a little sneak peek to the next post & the wonderful creeks we visited!

Visiting the Calanques National Park in Marseille

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  1. I have been to Paris four times in my life but never made it to Marseille. Someday I have to rectify that. You chose a amazing day to go though and the photos are spectacular. I love the clear blue sky and then the ones with scattered clouds are so dramatic. It’s fun to just go out and spend a beautiful day in the sun exploring. You both look happy and that’s what counts.

    1. Ah we’re always happy when we’re out exploring together :)) oh you know, I’ve been living in paris for 10 years and still it was my first time in Marseille. But there are so many places to visit!

  2. I only got to spend one night in Marseille and didn’t get a chance to explore. I really wish I had made the time now. I can see why so many people love this city!

  3. What a beautiful sunny place! It must feel good to revisit that sunny memory when it is dreary inside. I love daydreaming like that. That drink is so blue!! What a pretty – and surely tasty treat!

  4. Marseilles looks like a lovely little town to walk around and explore. Sadly, I haven’t visited many places in France yet, but now I’m definitely going to put Marseilles on my list! Hopefully my trip to France will come soon enough!

  5. Loved the beach basket…so stylish! And my..the ice cream..I dread thinking about the calories! Seems like you had a great time…I loved looking at your pictures…the blue skies and blue waters and imagining the bobbing little boats

    1. Oh don’t make me think about the calories please ;))
      The basket is so lovely I’m so happy to go to the beach with it, I also used in the city sometimes as I really wanted to use it! 😉

  6. Marseilles looks so pretty, so I wonder why I only hear bad things about it? Lucky you for the double anniversary gift, I’m sure it made your trip even better! Love the photos of the port, I always head straight there when I see a pretty one!

    1. Oh the old port is really pretty. But there are also some neighborhoods that are kind of unsafe. I also heard bad things about the city, but we have a very nice time there. Although we remained in touristic places.

  7. Your photos portray the beauty of Marseilles. I haven’t been there, but would love to go after seeing your photos and reading about your experiences. Thank you for sharing!

  8. Beautiful photography! Nothing quite like a clear blue sky on a sunny summer day 🙂 I almost had a panic attack when you said that it already feels like summer is already over haha its so true though! Time flies, make it count. – Mariella

    1. Ahah! I have a panick attach every morning when I open the windows ;)) but I don’t where you live, but in paris it’s grey and raining and cold since last week!!!!

  9. We really loved Marseille when we drove through it. Stayed in a little town close to Marseille called Cassis.Love this part of France.

  10. I’m visiting Marseille in October and had not read anything about it. I hope when I visit I get a deep blue sky like you guys had. I always let the girl choose her gift too as I have no idea what she would like! I will remember to try the Pastis when I visit!

    1. Try the pastis and the bouillabaisse as well – it’s a traditional fish soup. And of course you have to visit the Calanques National Park! Hope you’ll have good weather & enjoy! 🙂

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