Mauritius : Tamarin beach, Trou aux Biches & life at the Maritim Resort

Tamarin Beach in Mauritius

We woke up very excited on Sunday morning as our first kite-surf lesson ever was awaiting for us!!

We had so much fun, but honestly it’s also kind of difficult! To prepare the material it takes quite some time & then we spent 3 hours in the water & I still couldn’t manage to move the sail properly.

Hubby was a bit better than me. I wanna try again, we already booked a lesson back in France, but I still think I’ll love more surfing. I mean you just have to grab your board, jump in the water & ride the waves and that’s all. No long set-ups, no plenty of ropes that mix up…

In the afternoon, we went back to the south of the island to the beautiful Tamarin beach, which is the beach for surfing.

But, there were no place open to rent a board :/

The wave in Tamarin is a reef wave quite far away. Can you see it? 😉

Surfing in Tamarin Beach in Mauritius

Let’s zoom in !

Surfer in Tamarin Beach in Mauritius

…so to be honest it was not so bad that we didn’t have a board, as it seemed quite scary to me to surf there.

Plus, we later talked with a French friend living there who’s really into surfing & he told us that the locals are really jealous of their wave and are not very welcoming.

Not very welcoming is quite en euphemism actually, as every time he goes surfing, they tend to physically assault him. Literally. It’s not the first time I heard something like that, it’s so stupid and contrary to the surfing way of life, which is caring & loving. And being in harmony with the ocean. And the other surfers.

He told us he could give us the number of a local guy & we could go surfing with him to avoid problems, but honestly it seemed too ludicrous that we declined.

Otherwise, Tamarin really is one of the most beautiful beaches we saw on the island, still wild & relaxed, with impressive mountains framing it.

Tamarin Beach in Mauritius

Tamarin Beach in Mauritius

Here you won’t find luxury hotels & umbrellas & sunbeds, just local people simply enjoying the beach.

Tamarin Beach in Mauritius

You won’t even find a bar, just so you know. Which we didn’t when we planned to have lunch by the beach 😉

Luckily, Indian food tracks are never too far away in Mauritius, so we ended up eating Indian food on the beach & relax.

Sunset in Tamarin Beach in Mauritius

We came back to our hotel just in time for sunset & a last romantic dinner together 🙂

Drinks at the Maritim Resort & Spa in Mauritius

Yes because the morning after, just after breakfast, I’ve lost my hubby to his workshop.

As we were staying in a big resort offering plenty of activities – and as we never stay in this kind of place as we’re usually roadtripping around – I’ve decided to remain at the hotel to try out… well, basically everything!

Sailing in Turtle Bay, Mauritius

I started with the bottom glass boat. Something I’ve never done before as I thought it was useless, after all I love swimming & snorkeling.

Bottom glass boat tour in Mauritius

But I really was amazed by how well you can observe the fishes. I also saw a yellow & black moray eel!

Sailing in Turtle Bay, Mauritius

I completed the bottom glass boat tour with some snorkeling however! 😉

Snorkeling in Turtle Bay, Mauritius

Snorkeling in Turtle Bay, Mauritius

Just look at the wonderful fishes & corals.

Snorkeling in Turtle Bay, Mauritius

Snorkeling in Turtle Bay, Mauritius

Snorkeling in Turtle Bay, Mauritius

I could have swam there like for ever.

Snorkeling in Turtle Bay, Mauritius

Snorkeling in Turtle Bay, Mauritius

Snorkeling in Turtle Bay, Mauritius

Snorkeling in Turtle Bay, Mauritius

Snorkeling in Turtle Bay, Mauritius

Back on the shore, I sailed away again almost immediately! Literally, as I previously booked a sailing dinghy session, which is something I really love & don’t get to do as often as I would like. I also saw a turtle to add some more magic to it!

Sailing in Turtle Bay, Mauritius

Then I tried for the first time water ski which I turned out to be very good at. & really liked it cant’ wait to try it again!

Followed by some wake-board.

wakeboard in Mauritius

wakeboard in Mauritius

What? I told you I was up to try everything! 😉

wakeboard in Mauritius

Anyway, I was much less good at wake-board than at water ski & I also hurt my back.

wakeboard in Mauritius

So maybe it was the good time for a break 😉

Sailing in Turtle Bay, Mauritius

I met the other girls who were also in Mauritius accompanying their boyfriends who came for the workshop, for a sunny lunch by the pool!

Poolside lunch at the Maritim Resort & Spa in Mauritius

In the afternoon I participated in the sunset bike tour organized by the hotel, which was surprisingly really interesting!

The guide was super funny & explained us many things about life on the island & the island itself.

He took us to Balacalva beach first, where he showed us the different mountains in the background,

Balaclava beach in Mauritius

we crossed a couple of little towns, where he pointed to different plants and flowers.

Tropical plants in a little town in Mauritius

Although in one of this little town, I was outraged to see those two skinny dogs, attached by chains in an abandoned courtyard.

Stray dogs in a little town in Mauritius

I already noticed the number of stray dogs in Mauritius, they’re everywhere, as they’re not sterilized. & they’re so mistreated!

They’re starving & people don’t give them any consideration. There are no sidewalks, so they constantly risk to be hit by cars. & the government has a special police who’s in charge to kill stray dogs. With no anesthesia, no need to say.

Stray dog in a little town in Mauritius

On Bénitiers island there were so many stray dogs too. I tried to feed them, but they were so scared of humans that even give them food it’s a challenge : as soon as a human hand come too close, they run away, the tail between their legs, although they’re starving. It was such a heartbreaking seeing.

Of course the guide didn’t want to help me to free the 2 attached dogs & there were many local people in the streets so I got scared.

But I couldn’t stop thinking of them. So back at the hotel, I found this association that helps stray dogs in Mauritius, I sent them the picture of the 2 little dogs & the location.

& I hope we could adopt a little dog from Mauritius after the summer.

Also, there’s a petition to make the government stop to savagely kill stray dogs, if you want, you can sign it here.

After this sad incident, we arrived to our final destination, the beautiful beach of Trou aux Biches.

The beach at Trou aux Biches in Mauritius

It was an incredible place: a rocky beach boarded by a small wood of pines.

The waves were crushing on the rocks,

The beach at Trou aux Biches in Mauritius

the tide had created small pools,

The beach at Trou aux Biches in Mauritius

The beach at Trou aux Biches in Mauritius

& the sun was disappearing into the ocean.

The beach at Trou aux Biches in Mauritius

It was kinda magical.

The beach at Trou aux Biches in Mauritius

The beach at Trou aux Biches in Mauritius

But as all good things it came to an end & too soon it was time to cycle back to the hotel.

I spent some time at the hotel SPA, in the hope to help my back, still aching from the previous wake-board sessions.

The Spa at the Maritim Resort & Spa in Mauritius

The spa was nestled in the tropical garden & it was so relaxing. My camera decided to stop working just there, but to give you an idea…

The Spa at the Maritim Resort & Spa in Mauritius

The Spa at the Maritim Resort & Spa in Mauritius

Also I found the flowers decoration super nice. I would replicate it at home if i’d only have a terrace or a garden…

The Spa at the Maritim Resort & Spa in Mauritius

Time to meet the girls again for supper.

We went to Grand Baie on the north of the island, which apparently is the place where all the restaurants & bars & shops for expats are.

& indeed the atmosphere is well different from the other towns in the island.

We sat on the terrace of a lovely restaurant, La Sauterelle,

& enjoy cocktails & nibbles,

Cocktails and nibbles at Sauterelle restaurant in Grand Baie in Mauritius

followed by Sacré Chien, a yummy, local fish,

Sacré chien fish at Sauterelle restaurant in Grand Baie in Mauritius

chatting & laughing.

Dinner at Sauterelle restaurant in Grand Baie in Mauritius

Not the most traditional Mauritian meal, but a pretty lovely one with some pretty ladies. 🙂

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  1. Aw, it looks like you had such an awesome time in Tamarin beach, your photos are great. So strange and sad to hear about the locals being jealous of the wave, I guess they’re tiring of tourists coming there?? The glass-bottom boat sounds cool and lucky you got to snorkel and see the fishes and coral. Well done also for informing the shelter about the stray dogs, they’re unfortunately not seen as domestic pets as here in the west.

  2. so cool you got to see so much with the glass floor boat. the kite surfing and water skiing! it looked like so much fun. A bit sad about their mistreatment of the stray dogs. otherwise it seems Tamarin Beach is awesome.

  3. I’ve always worried about how good a glass bottomed boat would be – would you see anything clearly enough etc? We had a chance to go on a glass bottom boat in the Maldives but we picked a different excursion instead. Regretting it now. Can I ask – what camera do you use to take your underwater photos? They are stunning.

    1. You couldn’t see well from your bottom glass boat? Maybe I was just lucky, it was the first time… As for the underwater pics, I use an Olympus Tough tg-860. It’s a great camera for underwater pics & videos & also for adventure pics! It’s just not very good for night photos. Otherwise, it’s great, I love it!! 😉

  4. You definitely kept yourself busy whilst the other half was working! The glassbottom boat and snorkeling with the exotic fish looks like a good experience. The stray dogs situation there is strange, most countries just leave the stray dogs to live peacefully and even feed them. It’s good you found some fellow expat girls to keep you company!

    1. ahah yup very busy, it was a nice trip 🙂 I think in Mauritius the problem is that they don’t sterilize dogs so there’s a lot of them, like really everywhere, and so they kill them, whereas it would be better to sterilize them in the first place. Anyway, they don’t consider dogs like companions… it’s sad & cruel…

  5. The stray dog situation is so sad. No animal deserves to be treated like that.

    I usually stick to beach breaks because everybody is so territorial on reef breaks. There is on spot that everybody fights for because the waves are always breaking there. On the beach break, the waves break in a more egalitarian fashion and everybody gets a good wave sooner or later. It makes for nicer people in the line up.

  6. It looks that you have enjoyed nicely at Tamarin beach in Mauritius. Riding on Glass bottom boat is fun as various sea creatures could be see while sailing. It is very good of you, that you pointed out the stray dogs problem and thinking of adopting a dog from Mauritius.

  7. Looks beautiful and lots of fun adventures. I like that you talk about the local culture and downside to tourism as well. I would like to try the Indian food!

  8. Wow what beautiful beaches and I specially loved the Trou aux Biches beach with stones to sit and enjoy the sea. Really sad to hear about the stray dogs and I’m signing the petition also. Thanks for sharing about such a wonderful place.

  9. I’ve been wanting to visit Mauritius so bad. My friend visited the country for her honeymoon and she loved it and I’m in love with her photos from there! I really hope I’ll get a chance to go there soon. Your underwater photography is stunning. What camera did you use?

  10. I think glass-bottomed boats get a bad rep. I think they’re awesome, especially for people who either can’t swim or don’t want to. Of course, I prefer to snorkel and actually get in the water. That way you can get really up close and personal with the marine life. I’m so sorry that you hurt your back! I hope that you were able to enjoy that spa!

    1. You’re right maybe it’s because of some sort of bad reputation that I never tried bottom glass boat before, although it was very cool & complementary to snorkeling! also it’s a very good thing as you said, for people who can’t swim. My back is better now, thanks 🙂 the spa & hot water helped my back indeed 😉

  11. You had some really great time in Tamarin beach in Mauritius. I still remember my Glass Boat ride in Maldives and it was one of the best things I did in Maldives. Seeing those coral reefs and marine life in transparent water was a super fun time. I am yet to go to Mauritius. But I would love to visit Tamarin beach for sure.

  12. Were you ever on dry land? 😉 I’d love to go on a glass bottomed boat! I’m the opposite of you in that I HATE snorkelling, and generally just getting wet. I’d much rather sit in the comfort and safety of a boat!
    So sad about the dogs 🙁 I’m glad you found an association to help them though! Fingers crossed they were able to help.

    1. ahah indeed I spent a lot of time in /on the water! 😉 Really you hate snorkeling? Is it because you’re afraid of sharks or something? You would love the glass bottom boat then!!! 🙂 Yes I hope they could do something for the little dogs.. :/

  13. This is so awesome! Definitely on my bucket list, I’d love to go. I went on a glass bottom boat on another trip and I wasn’t very impressed! I’d love to snorkel here! Such amazing pictures! Looks like you had a great time

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