Festival d’Avignon

Theatre Festival in Avignon, France
I just got back from the Festival d’Avignon, which is a major French theatre festival, hosted every July in the medieval town of Avignon, in the South of France. During 3 weeks, new plays, old successes, dance shows, music gigs, one man shows,… will perform non-stop, in the hope to get discovered and to find a producer for the winter season. When I was there, there were more than 1.400 shows playing every
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Shooting in Milan

  A couple of months ago, I’ve been contacted through CastingCallPro to know if I wanted to audition for some corporate videos. I sent right away my video audition to the casting director & the client chose me! 🙂 So a couple of days ago I flew to Milan for a 2 days shooting.   I arrived at my hotel in Arcore, a small village in Milan’s suburbs, on Sunday evening & had a relaxin
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Weird casting calls

Film industry is a strange business, really. There are wonderful people in there, but also the weirdest one I ever met. Some are serious some have strange ideas & crazy projects. Just sitting at my desk, checking casting calls on the web, I come across the strangest requests. Here some of the most weirdest casting calls I found lately 😉 Actresses accepting to shoot naked. They will pretend to sleep
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Second (& last) audition for the Classe Libre at Cours Florent

Second round of the audition for the Classe Libre at Cours Florent is done! I think it went pretty well, anyway no matter the result, I’m happy this is over. I’m satisfied of what I’ve done & since I had the first round in February, it’s already been way too long to wait for the second one in May. Now I can tell you what I chose to prepare. I wanted something original for the jury n
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Accepted at the 2nd audition for the Classe Libre at Cours Florent!

  Good news is… I’ve been accepted to the second audition for the Classe Libre competition at Cours Florent!    Here’s my acceptance e-mail 🙂   Now I have to work even harder to prepare my scenes for the second audition! I already chose them – I’ll tell you what I chose after the audition – and found my partner.   I’m really happy as I didn’t think I wou
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