Boat day around Paris

View from the Seine of Corbeil Essonnes
My passion about the ocean & all things sea-related – surf, sailing, snorkeling,… – is no secret. Luckily hubby has the same passion, or he probably got infected by me… Anyway, this winter we decided to get our boating license. I don’t know if it’s everywhere the same, but here in France there are several boating licenses. We first got the “coastal” license, that
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4 books by 4 inspiring, strong women every girl should read

"The woman I wanted to be" an inspiring book by Diane von Furstenberg
I was chatting with a friend of mine the other day & she asked me if I read something interesting lately & had some book to suggest her. I begun to talk so passionately about my last readings & I didn’t realize until then that, totally randomly, all the latest books I read were biography of utterly amazing women, that inspired me so much! All in a different way, these women are strong & go aft
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Anne-Sophie PIC, le Restaurant, Valence

Birthday dinner chez Anne-Sophie Pic restaurant, Valence
Hubby turned 30 last week! To celebrate this milestone, we went to visit his family in Grenoble, before throwing a big party in Paris with all our friends next month! We had a cozy week-end surrounded by all the grand-parents & on Saturday night my in-laws treated us to a fairly exceptional dinner experience! We went to Anne-Sophie Pic restaurant, a 3 star Michelin restaurant, in Valence. It was just wonderful
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Home office inspiration

Last year we had the chance to buy the apartment next to our, we’re now doing some renovation works & soon we will be able to break the wall to connect the 2 apartments! :)) Although at the beginning we’re going to annex just one more room and rent the rest of the place, I’m so excited to have some more space! The idea is to turn the new room into a guest-room/walk-in closet/&, above al
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Christmas waltz

Hi blog! 🙂 I hope you all had a very merry Christmas!! We had a really happy Christmas in Italy with all my family & my in-law family, it was truly beautiful to be all together! 🙂 Now we’re back in Paris, but we’re going away again for NYE – to the Grenadines islands!!!! – so it’s ok 😉 I’d like to wish you all a merry Christmas & best wishes with this Christmas
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