Boat day around Paris

View from the Seine of Corbeil Essonnes
My passion about the ocean & all things sea-related – surf, sailing, snorkeling,… – is no secret. Luckily hubby has the same passion, or he probably got infected by me… Anyway, this winter we decided to get our boating license. I don’t know if it’s everywhere the same, but here in France there are several boating licenses. We first got the “coastal” license, that
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River cruise dinner, Paris

Unique dinner experience in Paris: River cruise dinner in Paris
Last week was my mother-in-law birthday & we decided to celebrate it in Paris. So all the family came for the week-end & on Saturday night we went out for a cruise & dinner on the Seine! We already went on a cruise on the Seine & I’m always in awe at how beautiful & different the city looks from the river. You have a new view of the monuments & the buildings & usually all the boat
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From Melbourne to Paris : the Hardware Société

The Hardware Société a coffee shop in Paris and Melbourne
When a Melbourne coffee shop opens a 2nd boutique in Paris, just 3 minutes from my place I think that: 1-      It’s a sign!!! (it’s no secret I’d like to move to Australia) 2-      I can’t wait to give it a try! 3-      I found the place for your brunch next week-end, no matter if you’re in Paris or in Melbourne! Welcome to the Hardware Société, a cute, yummy coffee shops on the hills of
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Magical terrace in Paris

No need to say Paris is a wonderful city. As it’s often the case, to see the city from above is even more beautiful (or it’s just me who love to see any place from above?!). As it happens, one of the most beautiful views over Paris is from Montmartre hill. But when you have the chance to enjoy this wonderful panorama from a private terrace with a 360° view instead of among a huge crowd of
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Rhianna concert in Paris!

End of July,  to end in style a yet special day, we went to Rihanna’s concert in Paris with all our friends.    I’ve been wanting to watch Rihanna live for some time, so I was pretty excited when I heard she was having a new tour & coming to Paris 🙂       The concert took place in the football stadium north of Paris, we took the tickets a couple of months ago, & I must adm
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