Sailing the Grenadine islands – part 1

New Year in the Grenadine islands
What’s better than to spend new year’s eve under the sun? To spend new year’s eve under the sun, on a boat sailing the Grenadines islands with hubby & friends! 🙂 It was something we were talking about since quite some time & finally this year we did it! To not be bothered with the organization of such a trip, we did something I usually never do: we booked an all-inclusive holiday throu
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4 books by 4 inspiring, strong women every girl should read

"The woman I wanted to be" an inspiring book by Diane von Furstenberg
I was chatting with a friend of mine the other day & she asked me if I read something interesting lately & had some book to suggest her. I begun to talk so passionately about my last readings & I didn’t realize until then that, totally randomly, all the latest books I read were biography of utterly amazing women, that inspired me so much! All in a different way, these women are strong & go aft
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3 ingredients, easy & creamy pumpkin soup

Easy and quick recipe for a creamy pumpkin soup
Paris is more gray & cold than ever at the moment. Rain is pouring since last week & this weather only calls for spending time under the duvet binge-watching your favorite series & for makings soups. Ok, if I have to be completely honest, it also calls for hot chocolate with marshmallows & mulled wine… But let’s stay on the healthy side & talk soups, shall we? After all, it’s
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River cruise dinner, Paris

Unique dinner experience in Paris: River cruise dinner in Paris
Last week was my mother-in-law birthday & we decided to celebrate it in Paris. So all the family came for the week-end & on Saturday night we went out for a cruise & dinner on the Seine! We already went on a cruise on the Seine & I’m always in awe at how beautiful & different the city looks from the river. You have a new view of the monuments & the buildings & usually all the boat
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Nike iD

Customized Air Max with Nike iD
Whenever I go somewhere wearing my Nike, everyone stares at my feet & compliment me… I must have very beautiful feet… But mostly I have very cool Nike, which moreover are unique as I designed them! 😀 …So they’re obviously pinkish & with my name on it – that’s my Paris Hilton side 😉 Since I’m in high school, I’ve always loved Nike trainers & especially AirMax ones.
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