Sailing the Grenadine islands – part 2

Swimming with turtles in Tobago Cays
When I left you in my previous post, we were sailing to Tobago Cays. And as I mentioned, Tobago Cays really is paradise on earth: a couple of cute, tiny, uninhabited islands surrounded by coral reefs, where you’ll befriend all sort of colorful fishes & plenty of turtles! Tobago Cays We arrived just before sunset & jumped in the water for some snorkeling. We swam among corals & fishes…
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Into the blue

I don’t know when exactly Paris turned into the-city-with-the-worst-weather-in-the-world…But here we are: it’s winter again. Seriously. And I see only one solution to cheer up: to dive into the blue Mediterranean water. Virtually. Luckily I still have some pictures from Positano I didn’t have the time to show you (I know I’m very bad in managing my time lately, but our debut is in on
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Li Galli

In front of Positano, there is a small archipelago called Li Galli.  En face de Positano il y a un petit archipel qui s’appelle Li Galli. You can see Capri in the background: look at the three rocks on the very left of the picture. Vous pouvez aussi voir Capri au fond: regardez les trois rochers tout à gauche dans la photo. The archipelago consists of three islands, Gallo Lungo, which is
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