Mauritius : L’Aventure du Sucre, scuba diving & hiking Le Pouce

Scuba diving near Trou aux Biches in Mauritius
After one whole day spent at the Maritim Resort & Spa, trying out ALL the water sports & different activities they offer… I was keen to explore some more the island. It was nice to spend a day at the resort actually, but it was enough for me 😉 So after a nice breakfast, off I went for more adventures! Alone, as apparently I must be the only one getting bored in an all inclusive hotel… Never
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Mauritius: swimming with wild dolphins, Chamarel & Port Louis

View of Bénitiers island in Mauritius
Usually if hubby says he’s gotta go out of town for work is not good news. Oh, except when he says he gotta go to Mauritius. & you should come along too! 🙂 That’s how on a sunny Friday afternoon we landed in Mauritius! Our jeans switched for shorts and our rented car picked up, we headed straight to Port Louis, the capital of the island. & more precisely to the Central Market for a late lunch.
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Sailing the Grenadine islands – part 2

Swimming with turtles in Tobago Cays
When I left you in my previous post, we were sailing to Tobago Cays. And as I mentioned, Tobago Cays really is paradise on earth: a couple of cute, tiny, uninhabited islands surrounded by coral reefs, where you’ll befriend all sort of colorful fishes & plenty of turtles! Tobago Cays We arrived just before sunset & jumped in the water for some snorkeling. We swam among corals & fishes…
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Taganga, a cute fishermen village in Colombia

Taganga is a cute, little fishermen village on the Caribbean coast of Colombia. It’s the first beach outside Tayrona National Park & it’s only 15 minutes away from the city of Santa Marta. When I heard there’s a daily boat connecting Taganga & Tayrona (the boat leaves from Taganga at 11am & from Tayrona at 4pm), I thought that was a better option than walking or horse-riding for m
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Tayrona National Park – Day 2

Being able to watch the sun rise above the ocean from the coziness of your own bed it’s not a bad way to start the day 😉 & that’s exactly how our 2nd day in Tayrona begun. We just had to unzip our tent, to have this magical view in front of us 🙂   We woke up so early (on the other side, in Tayrona there’s no much to do at night, so we went to bed so early, too) that the res
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