Sailing the Grenadine islands – part 3

Wandering around Union island, the Grenadines
Let’s continue our exploration of the Grenadine islands, shall we? From Mayreau we continue our way to Union island Union island Union island is quite different from the other islands, it’s much more modern & touristic: there were coffee shops making chia pudding & avocado toasts & restaurants offering sushi. It was cute though as there is a colorful, little market & in general the ma
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2 days in Bogota

Back in cold & gray Paris from warm & colorful Brazil… such a change of scenery ahah! 😉 I obviously didn’t even begin to go through all the pics from Brazil, but I finished with the ones from Colombia in May. And to live again our Colombia trip should be a good antidote to the winter weather 😉 Colombia wasn’t one of the first destinations on our bucket list, but we have friends living i
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Brazil, here we come!!

Just as Paris has become all grey & rainy, it’s time for our holiday! We’re flying to Brazil tonight & we’ll be exploring the country for 3 weeks… I can’t wait!!! If you have any suggestion about places to go, restaurants, bars, activities… please leave me a comment :)) We’ll be starting with some days in Rio, where first of all I wanna surf, as it’s too m
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Zürich between lakes and mountains

Claire was the first person I met when I arrived in Paris – I won’t say how many years ago because, frankly, counting years it’s becoming more & more annoying… I was in the subway going back home from an acting class when this girl, who was also in the class, came to talk to me. She thought I was crying, probably sad because I was away from my family… For the record, I just have verysensi
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Atomium, Bruxelles

A couple of days ago we went to Liège, Belgium, for my brilliant brother in law Ph.D. I didn’t plan on writing a post about this trip, as we went there very quickly, and I thought we would have just gone to the university to listen to his Ph.D. thesis & spent some time with the family. Which we actually did. But the day after the Ph.D. thesis & the celebration party, we went to Brussels. I must adm
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